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Hello Pirates!

Thank you for all of the work that you are doing through Distance Learning! Here are a few helpful hints…

-Create a schedule that works for you! Follow the Distance Learning Bell Schedule and work on each class for a little bit each day or do all of your work for the week in one or two classes one day and pick one or two more classes to focus on the next day.

-Don’t wait until Friday or Saturday to do your assignments. While we want you to be College and Career ready, we don’t want you to get in the habit of all night, last minute cram sessions.

-If you do need help, ASK! It is so important for you advocate for your education. This is your learning and these are your grades that go on your transcript. If you don’t understand and you don’t ask for help, you may find yourself and your grade in a hole that you can’t get out of.

-While we want you to ask for help, make sure to read ALL of the directions before you ask for help. Teachers are more than willing to help you but since communication is usually slower, make sure to save your questions for when you really need them.

-Use this as an opportunity to communicate professionally. Let me give you an example…

Example 1:

Hello Mr. Bradley. I’m having trouble with the assignment. When I get to the second part I seem to get stuck. Here is a screenshot of how far I got. Can you help me see what I am doing wrong?

This example is professional, lets the teacher know exactly what you need help with, and gives a visual picture so the teacher can best help you.

Example 2:

hey i don’t get it. Can u help me?

This example is casual and written more like a text to a friend. It also does not give the teacher any information for what you need help with.

Practice communicating professionally as it will help you get a job, a promotion, or a scholarship!

Keep working hard, Pirates!

Mr. Bradley 

Getting Started With Distance Learning 

Distance Learning Bell Schedule

A Day in the Life of a Secondary Student (Spanish)

Questions about your schedule or need your PowerSchool login information? Contact Barbara Lowry in the counseling office and she will help you out or get you to the right counselor. blowry@putnamcityschools.org

Having issues with your iPad? Contact your Pirate time teacher.



In past years, Putnam City Schools selected to administer the ACT with great success. Our district believes this is an excellent opportunity for all eligible juniors to take the ACT at no cost to them or their families. 

Please visit the 8 Reasons to Choose ACT to review additional information and to complete an optional survey here allowing you to share your feedback regarding our selection.


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